Monday, July 30, 2007

A Family That Plays Together Have Fun Together

Lately, I got hooked with playing puzzle games such as Travelogue 360 Rome and Death on the Nile. The objective of these games is to look for and click the objects in the given list. It could be fun and a good exercise for visual acuity. But it could also get boring and frustrating, especially if you have a hard time looking for the objects. Good thing there are hints to help you out.

I enjoy doing the puzzles by myself, but I derive more pleasure when the whole family is playing together. Everybody helps out in looking for the missing objects and even my toddler does her share. It's quite humbling to know that my kids can see some of the objects easily and if they can't find anything anymore they usually cheer me on. My 6 year old usually says, "Good job Mommy. You found it." When I place the cursor on the object to be found, my kids will both say, "There it is," as if they also helped in finding it.

Playing is fun and more so when there are others having fun with you. As a family we are a team and anything that we do together, whether work or play, is an opportunity for us to bond and appreciate one another.

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