Thursday, July 5, 2007

Armpits and Breastfeeding (Part 2)

I have talked about my kids having a penchant of placing their hands in my armpit while breastfeeding, but it's actually more than that. They also liked smelling it as well as rubbing their faces on it. Even though they only did this at home, I still feel embarrassed by their actions.

My 6 year old still likes to do things with my armpit. One time, she smelled it so I laughingly asked her, "How does it smell?" She cheerfully answered, "It smells good." She's like an armpit inspector who tells me "very good" whenever my armpits are newly shaved.

The sense of adoration they sometimes shower on my armpits is really laughable, not to mention embarrassing. But children are driven by their active senses after all. It is important for them to see, hear, touch, smell and even taste special persons in their lives.

Thinking about all these things brought back to mind what I had experienced when I was about 7 years old. I remembered taking my mother's used nightgown and smelling it. The smell was very comforting to me and I can honestly say it smelled really good then. She was breastfeeding my younger brother at that time, so maybe the smell of breastmilk has something to do with it also.

I am curious to know if bottle-fed kids do these things too. Feel free to post your comments.


_~*me*~_ said...

hello po! :) I got your blog url from your husband na taga PMT..

napaguuspan po kasi ang blog.. then nakwento niya po yung blog niyo..

ayun nakaktuwa naman po.. kasi bihira na po yung moms na nagbblog eh..

keep your posts coming

eagerblogger said...

Thanks for dropping by. I update my blog as often as I can. I hope you can visit often. :)

Bob Johnson said...

My cat sticks her paws in my armpits

Anonymous said...

My 2 year old daughter LOVES my armpits! She's always wanting to smell them and put her face up in there! Even my husband's. And when she's tired she has to smell them, even in public! She'll demand, "ARMPIT!" Sometimes I don't let her put face in there and she'll squeeze her fingers in there and then pull them out and smell them! I just hopes it stops when she starts preschool!