Friday, July 20, 2007

Sleep Talking

My husband sometimes talks in his sleep, so does my 6 year old daughter. Between the two of them, my daughter talks more clearly. My husband usually mumbles.

I have read that sleep talking or somniloquy is pretty common, occurs more often in children than in adults and runs in the family. It is really not something to be worried about but could be irritating if it disrupts somebody else's sleep, especially mine. According to my husband, he seldom talks in his sleep and I should be thankful he is not snoring as that could be more irritating. I have to agree with him on this but it's still no fun to wake up from a deep sleep because somebody is sleep talking. I have to admit I got used to it and I no longer feel frightened when somebody starts talking loudly, it seems loud because everything is quiet, in the middle of the night. Sometimes it could be fun too.

One time, I woke up when I heard my husband talking. I immediately realized he was sleep talking. Out of curiosity, I asked him to repeat what he said and he did. He repeated the same unintelligible talk while still sleeping. I should have asked him some of his secrets but then again I still wouldn't understand because he was mumbling.

As for my daughter, I woke up hearing her call my name one night. I thought she wanted me to go with her to the toilet but was puzzled why she did not get up at all and instead said something else (I already forgot what she was talking about). It turned out she was just sleep talking.

I don't know if laughing is also considered sleep talking but I have witnessed my daughters and their dad, on separate occasions, laughing while sleeping. It's not the kind where you wake up in the midst of your laughter because they still continued sleeping. Now, I don't know if I'm also guilty of sleep talking because everybody in my family is a sound sleeper except me.


mrsnesbitt said...

My husband grinds his teeth when he is stressed or over tired.....needless to say it really makes the hairs on my neck stand on end!

zunnur said...

Through my experience, I've always heard Moms saying that their husbands and chidren are sleep talkers, but I've never heard so far a complain like this from a father, including me of course. In my opinion, Moms are so used to kind of stay alert while sleeping because of their concern for the children. A Mom usually wakes up quite often in the middle of the night when she is having a newborn baby.

eagerblogger said...

Hello zunnur! I guess you're a sound sleeper too. :)

Vish..! said...

My wife was also saying that i was talking in sleep..!

and even smiled.. :D