Sunday, July 8, 2007

Baby's Breath

Have you ever smelled a baby's breath? I'm not talking about the flower but a little baby's breath. Did you ever wonder why it smells good (my husband says it smells sweet) even though a baby doesn't wash his or her mouth or even brush teeth (if they have the teeth to brush)?

I have always loved the smell of babies. They smell good all the time. My husband doesn't agree with me on this one, he says babies don't smell good when they have poo-poo but exclusive breastfed babies don't have foul smelling excrement. I should know, I'm the one changing nappies most of the time.

My two year old daughter is not exactly a baby anymore but she still has that sweet baby smell. It's just lately that I really took notice of her breath. It does not stink in the morning upon waking up even if she goes to sleep in the evening without brushing her teeth. Come to think of it, my 6 year old does not have stinky breath too. It makes me wish they will always have sweet smelling breath, but such is not the case. When they grow up, they'll have stinky breath too.

Remember the movie America's Sweethearts? Julia Roberts and John Cusack woke up with bad breath, prompting them to talk with their mouths covered by the blanket. I think that was the only real thing in that movie, the rest was well... too Hollywood.

Knowing that my baby's sweet breath will not last forever, I have been taking every opportunity to enjoy it. My kids will grow up someday but I have this moment now to enjoy them in their youth. I will therefore embrace this moment and savor it.

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Vera Bass said...

Baby smell's the best. I'm eagerly awaiting being a grandma one day.

(Puppy breath is sweet too)