Saturday, July 21, 2007

You Don't Save By Being Cheap

My 6 year old hates to write. This week she has been taking home writing assignments almost everyday and she did not enjoy doing them at all. It took her 2 hours just to finish one page of her writing assignment.

Seeing the need to improve on her fine motor skills, I bought a pack of 2 dozen clothespins. Making it like a game, I let her clip the same color of clothespin on a piece of cardboard. She was eager to do it but complained after a while.

"I'm hurt," she sadly said. I thought she had difficulty handling the clothespins. It turned out she broke some. It's either she's super strong or simply uncoordinated. My husband had this to say, "You have been too much of a penny pincher. You bought the cheap kind."

So much for being practical. Now I have to buy another pack of clothespins. This time I will not look at the price but give more value on the quality.

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rashi said...


it shows when a mother writes..
really liked the post. The intention is so love filled, so concern full..

nice reading :)