Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Things Come From Small Things

My daughter has been complaining about the bird's poop on our car's windshield for 2 days now. So, I made up my mind to get rid of it. My initial plan was to simply remove the bird's poop.

I told my husband about my intention and he directed my attention to another poop on top of the car. Fine. I can do both. It's no big deal.

I got a bucket of water and a squeegee and started cleaning up. As expected, the poop made a mess so I decided to clean the whole windshield and also included the car windows. The water dribbled and caused some marks on the car's body so I got more water and with a sponge, resolved to give our car a good wash.

It was in fact my first time to wash our car. It is usually my husband's responsibility since our car is his baby. Still, I was able to do it. Maybe not expertly but an accomplishment just the same.

Now I'm tired but mighty proud of myself. I just hope I still have the energy to do the laundry, not to mention the floor and the cooking. Who knows what big things you can do coming from little things out of small intentions. Oh well, that's what an Extra Super Mom is all about.

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