Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's My Worth as a Mom?

According to, I should earn around $134,121 for being a stay at home mom. That's fantastic but not really accurate. After all, how do you put monetary value to genuine love and concern?

It's gratifying to know that my "job" as a homemaker can fetch more than $100,000. Of course, nobody's going to pay me that much as a homemaker. Truth is, I still need to do work outside of homemaking in order for me to earn a few bucks which will be used to keep our home in good shape.

Still, the fact remains that no one can really put monetary value to what a Mom does at home for her family. It's true that a professional housekeeper can do the cleaning, washing-up and everything, but can she lovingly kiss the hurt away from a bruised knee? Can she offer a prayer of protection to the owner of a shirt as she tries to remove the stains from it? Can she offer warmth from her loving arms as she comforts a child from troubled sleep?

To a professional housekeeper, housekeeping is just plain work. To a mom, it is a loving commitment for the holistic growth of her family and continued joy of living in their home.


Shay said...

beiom is like visa...priceless...i find it quite uncomfortable for it to have some monetary value. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.