Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Separation Anxiety

Lately my toddler has been very clingy to me. She doesn't want me out of her sight and she prefers to hold my hand when we're walking rather than her daddy. She has this irritating cry, more like a whimper actually, whenever she's calling for my attention. In some ways, it feels good to be wanted but on the other hand it's annoying especially when it hinders me from doing my other responsibilities.

I was buying medicine for my Aunt while my kids and their daddy were left in the car. There were lots of people buying at the pharmacy so I had to wait for my turn. More than 10 minutes passed and I felt somebody touching my shoulder. It was my husband carrying my toddler who was whimpering. She was a sorry sight with tears streaming down her face. She only stopped crying when she saw me. I learned from my husband that she was crying the whole time they were waiting in the car.

Another time, my two year old stirred in her sleep and I saw her edging to one side with her hand patting the bed. I guess she was still looking for me even in her sleep. After some time she woke up whimpering when her searching hand did not find me.

Whenever we go out somewhere, my daughter won't step out the door until she's sure I'm going with her. Sometimes she wants to be with me even in the toilet. I can no longer respond to Mother Nature's call privately.

It seems like my daughter has an on and off switch in her. When she's crying for me, she instantly stops as soon as she sees my face and magically turns back into a fun kid to be with.

I know this is just a phase and she will grow out of it. It's nice to be needed and wanted but it has its down side when I can't do what I need to. I'm not complaining. It's better this way rather than not being needed nor wanted.

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