Thursday, July 26, 2007

How's School?

During my daughter's first few days in school, I constantly inquire about her school activities. Once she gets home from school I usually ask, "So, what did you do in school?" Her usual response was, "Oh, nothing." It was so hard to get any details from her. I was actually getting frustrated.

One time, instead of asking about what she did in school, I asked, "How was school?" With a pleasant smile she replied, "I had fun." I was pleased and excited, I was finally getting something from her. I then asked, "What fun things did you do in school?" Without any hesitation, she answered, "Nothing."


Kim said...

Very funny......and as a School Teacher I can see the humour in this :]

FOOTPRINTS (aka ourfootprints aka Annita) said...

i also get the same repply from my daughter when I ask her about - SCHOOL .. ^_^ ..

emily is still in the preschool now, I hope she would give me (much) better answer by the time she is in grade 6!!

zunnur said...

Looks like you have to use 'how' instead of 'what' to get a good answer from her!