Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Touching Moment

My 6 year old daughter was given a time out and she was made to face the wall for doing something she was not supposed to do. She was crying and her little sister was observing everything. While she was facing the wall, my 2 year old daughter approached her. She was very concerned and asked, "What's the matter?" She kept on saying, "Don't cry."

Her concern for her older sister was so real and touching that a parent just can't help but smile at that tender moment. The smile was covertly done however, lest my older child think she was already off the hook.


Dave [The Charger] said...

Once i become a parent, i will share my special moments too :) cheers

Anonymous said...

He he... it will be a few years before I become a parent.. but I think I will love it :)


Cat said...

This is very sweet. Makes me wish I had a sister! I'm an only child , which has its advantages. But as I get older I see how strong and comforting the bonds between siblings can be. -Cat

SapphireLizard said...

Aww...how sweet! I just love those moments!! Certainly a proud mommy moment!!