Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Real Age?

I was web surfing today and came across this site. I don't know how accurate their real age calculator is but the result I got was that physically I'm just 19 years old while my husband is 22. Of course, I'm glad with the results. It just goes to show I'm doing something right.

However, if I'm only 19 then I should feel like one, but sad to say I really feel old right now. I've been swamped with so many things to do lately but just before posting here I was reminded that I should strive to be happy and not dwell on the negative things. Life is too short to worry about the future. We really don't know what tomorrow will bring so I'll seize the moment and make the most of what I have now.

I have a personal relationship with my Creator and I have my family and loved ones to enjoy. I eat three times a day and I'm sheltered from the storm. What more can I ask for?


hopeforafrica said...

Hi there,
thanks for the comment, we opted to do it on the floor since he cannot reach the table.
But I had posted to you earlier so it was the post on Italian food in Bangkok.
When you will have a minute again I would love to hear a word of Advice on that. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

morinn said...

hi! 19 sounds like a good age! :P