Monday, June 25, 2007

Television and Kids

Nowadays, television is a common fixture inside a household. Admittedly, it is a good entertainer of kids and could be valuable to extrasuper moms like me. With the television taking hold of my children's attention, I am free to do the oh-so-many things that I have to do in order to keep our home well-oiled.

But dangers do lurk in TVs. If you're not too careful, your kids could absorb things that will not make them better persons. Sometimes TV channels, supposedly for kids, carry programs that I deem not child-friendly at all.

My eldest daughter learned to say "stupid" and other nasty comments from cartoons. I saw her hitting her toys as well as shouting at her younger sister while pretending to be angry. All these offensive acts were acquired from watching television.

It is very much necessary for me therefore to be fully aware of what my kids are watching on TV. If I chance upon a show that has a nasty element, I usually tell my kids, "It's not a nice show." I then try to explain to them why I don't like them watching such shows. My eldest child understands what I'm saying but she tries to reason out that "it's a nice show" whenever she is caught watching a particular show that I told her not to watch. She will then proceed to tell me the story and why she likes watching it. It's really tough to reason with kids.

With the proliferation of children's videos, I am able to, more or less, control my kids exposure to television. I buy them videos that impart good values and learning and they enjoy watching. It's just a pity that my eldest daughter has learned to operate our video system. She's able to switch back to watching TV whenever she wants to.

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kailani said...

I know what you mean. My daughter learned to say stupid from watching Aladdin. I don't know why Disney feels the need to include these types of words in their movies.

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