Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bond Of Sisters

My younger daughter was already up and about when it was time for my 6 year old to go to school. She knew that her daddy and sister were leaving so she asked for her shoes and started to panic, afraid she'll be left behind as usual.

Not wanting to make her cry, I decided that we will all go together in the car and bring her older sister to school. She was very happy as she sang along to some Disney songs being played on the car stereo.

At the school, only my husband and my 6 year old got off. My toddler started to panic again but because I was with her, she calmed down. When my husband came back to the car alone, my 2 year old started to cry and called out for her sister. She cried and shouted her sister's name all throughout the trip home.

Back at home, she kept on crying and calling for her sister. I tried to amuse her with her favorite videos but she just kept on crying. She literally cried herself to sleep.

My 2 year old was in a much better mood when she woke up but she still kept calling her sister's name and asking, "Where are you?"

She was very happy when her older sister got back from school and they hugged each other. I found out from my husband that according to the teacher, my 6 year old also cried after we left her. She had hoped that her sister will be with her in school.

It's heartwarming to know that my children truly care for each other. I hope their sisterly bond will grow stronger each day.

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