Friday, June 22, 2007

My Lovely Daughters

Now, I'd like to talk about my two beautiful kids. Without them, I wouldn't be the extra super Mom that I claim to be.

My eldest daughter is now 6 years old. She's got very expressive eyes and wonderful lips. She enjoys having cuddles with me, her daddy, as well as with her little sister. Her usual line is, "Give me my hug." She's got a very good appetite and she adores babies.

My second daughter is nearly 3 years old. She loves to sing and has a good memory for different tunes. She enjoys parroting whatever her elder sister says. In fact, she repeats what she hears from songs, television as well as from us, her parents. Her favorite show is Maisy Mouse.

My first daughter came into this world without much ado.

I started to feel the contractions around 8 am and I gave birth to her before 3 pm of the same day. As far as I can remember, the labor pains were bearable. I was just disappointed when I first saw her. She looked ugly! She had puffy eyes and appeared like she came from a boxing match. She turned out to be a pretty little girl.

I had a totally different experience with my second daughter. What I went through during her delivery convinced me not to have another baby.

My amniotic fluid started to leak so I was advised by my doctor to stay in the hospital. I stayed inside the labor room for more than 24 hours without feeling any signs of labor. Finally, my doctor decided to induce my contractions. It took nearly 24 hours before I felt the labor pains. The contractions I had were unbearable. Had I not thought it embarrassing, I would have shouted to my heart's content. But I did make it through without making a raucous scene. I just wished I had thought of having an epidural beforehand.

Both my daughters have given me so much joy. Having them made me realize the importance as well as difficulty of being a good mom. Their presence in my life made me appreciate my own mother more.

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