Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dealing With A Cold

I have posted about my eldest daughter getting a cold, now my youngest child caught it. It is inevitable considering they are playmates and they sleep beside each other. I wouldn't mind too much about it really if only my youngest daughter would drink her medicine. As of now, making her drink her medicine is like a torture session, both for her and for me...arrrg.

My eldest child was like this also when she was still a toddler. When she was sick, I had to try every trick in the book in order for her to take her medicine with only 50% success rate. Now, I have to relive this stressful experience with my youngest daughter.

A nose suction and a bottle of saline solution is essential for an extrasuper mom who has a child with a cold and who refuses to drink her medicine. Although my toddler already knows how to blow her nose, I still use a nose suction to effectively suck out the mucus especially before bedtime. I prefer using a nose suction which has a little bottle and a long tube (like a straw). Suctioning her nose is essential for her (and for me too) to have a good night's sleep.

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