Monday, June 25, 2007

Mom's Day Off

Sunday is "Family day." This is the day we go to church, go malling, buy groceries, and most importantly, it is my day off from being a cook.

During Sundays, we usually eat out or buy take aways. Sometimes we eat leftovers. Being spared from cooking, even for just one day in a week is already a big relief for me. It gives me more time to relax and get a chance to watch television. And because it's also a non-working day for my husband, he gets to do more household chores, like washing the dishes (way to go, Honey).

It is really important for me to have this bit of day off from being an extrasuper mom. I don't want to get burned out because I am swamped by too many household chores. A little relief is all I need to continue doing what an extrasuper mom does for the rest of the week.

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