Thursday, October 25, 2007

Long Absence

I just realized that I've been absent from blogosphere for more than 2 weeks. So many things have happened since my last post. I've been meaning to write about some of them but there are more important things than blogging that needed my attention.

One of the things that happened these past weeks is that my toddler turned 3 years old. To celebrate it, we had a mini birthday party during Sunday School. I was the assigned Sunday School teacher so I was able to plan out things to accommodate my daughter's birthday celebration. We belong to a small church so there were only about a dozen kids (usually there are less than 10 kids during Sunday School) who joined our mini celebration.

After telling them the story of David and Goliath, I let the kids watched VeggieTales' Dave and the Giant Pickle. While they were watching the video I prepared their snacks (spaghetti and hotdogs). Before serving them their snacks, we had a game similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In keeping with our Bible story for the day, I prepared 'Hit Goliath with a Stone' game for the kids and one other party game which they did after eating. As expected, they had lots of fun.

While the kids were eating their snacks I inflated some balloons for them as well as readied their loot bags. In essence, they came to church for Sunday School and went home with memories of party fun. It feels good to share your blessings with others and this is what I aim to instill in my kids.



Happy belated birthday to your little princess!!!!!! ..

May her life always be filled with abundant love. May she becomes blessing to many souls.

Have a blessed weekend to you all ^_^

ps. Emily used to love watching the Veggietales too. Her fave: Madame Blueberry.

eagerblogger said...

Thanks! More than anything else, I'd like my daughters to be God-fearing and be a blessing to others.

I am so looking forward to weekend. May you enjoy yours too. :)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Happy Birthday small one !

Oh for the days when birthdays were like that...


Hello Grace!!

How are you??

Just want to let you know that I have TWO awards waiting for you.

Blessings for you and your little princess ^_^

~ Annita

zunnur said...

Hi Eagerblogger :-)
That was a great fun you and the children had, Happy belated birthday to your child.

There are always other important things in life that need more attention. Sometimes, time isn't enough to accomodate all of our plan that we have no choice but to sacrifice something with less prority, although it is something that we love. I'm glad that you're still here my friend :-)

Vishnu said...

:O A long gap again...