Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

November has been a terribly busy month for all of us so far. Personally, I feel like I need an extra couple of hours daily just so I'll be able to accomplish all the things I need to do for myself and for my family.

To my mind, among the four of us in our family, my 6 year old is the one mostly affected by the busyness of life. I never knew being a preschooler could be a stressful stage. Everyday she needs to work on at least 20 pages of assignment in different subjects. Needless to say, she needs parental guidance to accomplish her task which means I need to devote at least 2 hours to help her with her homework.

Doing her assignment is stressful for both of us. Being a child, she'd rather watch TV or play on the computer or play with her toys but these past weeks playing has become more of a privilege than a right. I'm trying to remedy this situation by making myself put more importance on my daughter's childhood than on her role as a student. I hope we'll be able to strike a balance and make my daughter enjoy being a child and at the same time learn to be responsible and not be overwhelmed by different tasks that may come her way.

We are all so busy but I hope not too busy to know and value more important things in life.



Ola Grace!!!!

Good to hear from you :)

Nov has been a busy month for me too. I did think to stop blogging and take a long leave. Honestly, I am still thinking about it. I'd let you know if I decide to do so.

I've heard about the burdens of school from other parents. Those who sent their children to public and .. private schools.

Interestingly, one mom told me she regretted her decision to send her kids to private school. Her reason: too many homeworks/assignments. And as you said, homeworks could be overwhelming to the kids and .. the mother.

Emily is entering Kindergarten next year. I'm kinda holding my breath what journey would it be.

OK I must log out from this blogosphere. Need to p/u the munchkin from her school.

Wishing LOTS of blessings for all of you!!! :)

Talk to you later
~ Annita


Wishing you a merriest Christmas and may the New Year be filled w/ more heaven wonders in your life ...