Friday, October 5, 2007

To Wean or Not to Wean

My toddler is turning 3 years old in less than 2 weeks. She's pretty small for her age but she's smart and very active. She likes climbing up and down the stairs, jumping off from the table and sofa and scattering her toys on the floor. And she's got lots of hugs and kisses for her sister and parents.

I have planned to wean her from breastfeeding when she turns 3 and because she's nearly that age, I'm slowly trying to limit breastfeeding her with emphasis on the word 'trying.' It was a breeze weaning my older daughter but it's been an uphill struggle when it comes to my younger daughter who is 'tantrumatic.'

Tantrumatic is a word that I coined for my toddler. It simply means she automatically has a tantrum whenever she does not get what she wants. Her usual style is to drop down on the floor and spin around like a breakdancer while stomping her feet and bawling like it's the end of the world. I just let her be whenever she has her tantrums. I just make sure she does not hurt herself.

I'm used to her tantrums and most often she stops having one when she's distracted or if it's been quite a while and no one is paying attention to her. But it's entirely a different matter when she uses her dramatic flair to touch my heart.

The other night, while we were in bed, I told her, "That's enough!," after nursing her for about 15 minutes. She readily stopped but she cried as if she was really hurt emotionally. I hardened my heart and just allowed her to cry but my defenses crumbled when she started pleading with me. "Please mommy, please." I just can't ignore my daughter and say no to her after that. After all, she said please.

Some of the older folks here encourage me to just continue breastfeeding my daughter for as long as she wants to since I don't have plans to have another baby anyway. Well, I can do that but at the back of my mind there is something in me that wants to reclaim a bit of my freedom. But then again, my daughter will probably be weaned in due time without me even trying to. So, I'll just play it by ear and just let it be for now.



"To Wean or Not to wean." Your post reminded to my friends' stories.

Some did succeed to wean their children before 3 yrs old mark though a few are still 'trying.'

The idea to wean seems easy but in reality is obviously not. I know a friend who sometimes feels guilty whenever she rejected 'the plea' from her daughter.

The bond between a mom and a child couldn't be explainable or measured by outsiders' standard.

So, as a friend and a fellow mother, do what you feel right.

Have a pleasant weekend my friend.
Myself is soooo waiting to have a 'me' time this coming saturday. At a nearby suburb, a church is hosting a giant garage sale.

The fun thing, there'd be 50+sellers selling used children clothings+toys etc. (Need to find snow boots for Emily)

Oh well, I guess I've written too long here :)

Talk to you later!
Hope you and your family stay healthy! (it's sick season again :( ... )


Vish..! said...

its couple of months after u posted the "Keratosis Pilaris" have u tried coconut oil and exfoliating scrub? what was the result?

Is she responding positively?

Vish..! said...

its couple of months after u posted the "Keratosis Pilaris" have u tried coconut oil and exfoliating scrub? what was the result?

Is she responding positively?


hello eagerblogger!
how are you?? ... i have something for you so whenever you have time, please stop by and claim it :) ..

hope you're enjoying your holiday from blogging ..

take care and God bless.

ps. how are the kids?

Chica said...

I haven't heard of anyone breatfeeding past a year, I applaud you in your methods of parenting. :)