Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Back

Wow! More than 5 months passed since my last post. So many things happened to me and my family that I don't know what to blog about anymore.

Let me just share with you something I experienced that I never would want to go through again.

It was just another ordinary "grocery day" for me and my family. Most of the items in our grocery list are in the cart already and because there are lots of people queuing to the check-in counters I asked my husband to take his place in the queue while I get the other items in the list.

Our younger child was sitting in the cart so she stayed with her dad while my older daughter went with me. We went to get some canned goods and while I was busy comparing prices my daughter was busy looking at some stuff beside me.

Maybe I got too engrossed with what I was doing that I did not realize that my daughter was no longer beside me. I calmed myself and did not panic. I called out her name but there was no response. I then thought that maybe she went to her dad so I went to see my husband. By this time more people are lining up and I even had a hard time looking for him. I did not go near him but just tried to see if my daughter was with him. I did not see her at all and I was thinking that if I had a hard time locating my husband then It's more likely that my daughter will have a hard time finding him too.

By this time, I felt myself go pale and cold and my heart filled with fear (brought about by news of abductions I see almost everyday). I went back to where we were last together and still there was no sign of her. I searched the other aisles and I just can't find her anywhere.

Feeling helpless, I took a pause and sought the Lord's guidance. Then I heard a tiny voice in my head saying, "Go to your husband." I took a peek once again to where my husband was but I did not see my older daughter. I did not know what to say to him so I did not talk to him at all. Between the two of us, he's more likely to get anxious and I fear he'll get a heart attack if I tell him that our child's missing.

I took another look around (the place was quite big and there were lots of shoppers) and heard again the tiny voice saying, "Go to your husband." I just can't ignore it anymore, so I steadied myself and prepared to tell my husband about what happened.

I kept praying while I was approaching him (by this time it was nearly his turn to pay). About one and half meters away from him, I saw my older daughter with my younger child busy sorting out the toothbrushes and other stuff on a rack. You can just imagine the relief I felt when I saw her.

After feeling relieved, I felt my anger surfacing. I felt the need to confront my daughter for making me go through all that. Then I heard again that tiny voice telling me to calm down. I realized that my daughter is safe -- that is what's important.

God works in mysterious ways and He knows what you're going through. Listen to that small still voice. God bless you!

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