Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still Can't Say Goodbye!

Yeah, I've been meaning to start writing about my Aunt's journey with Multiple Myeloma but I realized I still have not fully internalized the fact that she's no longer with us. Some days I expect her to enter our home and play a bit with my kids or maybe bring them a surprise like an injured bird or a wiggly worm.

Every time we pass by the hospital where she spent her last days, my younger daughter will encourage us all to say goodbye to Nana. We do miss her a lot. She's been a part of our lives for many, many years that her memory will always stay with us.

Bear with me my friends! I will soon have the drive to write about what she went through! God bless you all!

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zunnur said...

The hardest thing is to loose someone we love. Its even harder when we're there to witness the last moment.
Take your time and come back when you're okay.