Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Successful Weaning!

I had blogged about weaning my younger daughter from breastfeeding here and I realized it's nearly a year since I first attempted to wean her. She's turning 4 years old next month and it's only been 5 days since I stopped breastfeeding her.

Yeah, yeah, it took a long time before she finally stopped but because she's the only baby and I'm a full time mom and housewife, I really did not feel the pressure to wean her until now. She still tries though, especially at night, to get me to give in to her but I have resolved not to. To make up for it, we supply her with her favorite yogurt drink as well as chocolate milk.

Weaning my daughter has given me a bit of freedom. Not much really, but just enough for me to have continuous sleep at night. There are times though when I miss the closeness that we had when I was still nursing her. But then again, our kids have to grow and slowly learn to be independent and this is one step my daughter (as well as her Mommy) has to go through.

The transition went well and I'm pretty sure we'll both have our weak moments but I will make certain we will not give in and stray.

Kudos to us mommies who are for breastfeeding. We know and offer the very best for our little ones!


zunnur said...

Hi Eagerblogger,

I must say that you're really a super Mom to have breastfed your child as long as you did and this will most definitely brings a good effect on her health.

Glad that you're still here my friend.

zunnur said...

Hi Eagerblogger,
Dropped by to say Hi, hope all is well over there my friend :)