Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My nephew has been asking me to update my blog as he enjoys reading about his cousins and what's happening in our home. It was my intention to post at least 3 times a week but I had lots of things to do lately. An Extrasuper Mom has limitations too, you know.

Aside from being busy with my online work, I've been having allergic rhinitis almost daily. I try not to take my medications for it since I usually end up feeling groggy and sleepy. Add to that, my toddler has been more of an attention-seeker lately. These past days and weeks, she's been acting more like a baby. She prefers me to spoonfeed her even though she can easily feed herself. One time, she handed me a piece of bread that she was eating and motioned to me that she wanted me to put it in her mouth. I can't say she's lazy. She just wanted to be given more attention, not that she lacks attention in my opinion.

With so many things to do, I'd rather play or do something that does not require much thinking whenever I have free time. Not that I don't enjoy blogging anymore. I just need some time to rest my mind.

To my dear nephew, I hope you will not grow weary visiting my blog. I'll try to be a better blogger but please don't expect me to have a new post daily. If I do have something interesting to post, you can be sure you'll read it here.


zunnur said...

Children tend to become attention seekers when their mood changes. Sometimes, my wife has to do her cooking while my daughter clings to her.
I think that you've made the right decision, you must not overdo yourself, otherwise, you'll end up in stress.
As for me, I write only one post per week, that's all I can do for the time being, with so many other things to attend to, and of course like you said, playing is important as it relieves us mentally.
And I'm also glad that you still enjoy blogging, and hope that you will get well soon from the allergy. Take it easy, have a good rest and enjoy your weekend. :-)

eagerblogger said...

Thanks a lot! I certainly look forward to an enjoyable weekend. :)

FOOTPRINTS (aka ourfootprints aka Annita) said...

I agree with you that when things preoccupying our mind, it's a wise decision to spend time w/ our little ones than parking ourselves in front of a 17 inch screen - only to write a post.

As for me, it's hard to be sick (though only a day) as our house would turn to ... chaos. Yeah, suddenly I'd have TWO children instead of ONLY ONE!!

I guess that explains why mothers need little more extra strength to go through any slow days.

So I'll keep you in my thoughts. And I do hope you'll recover soon ^_^

Have a restful weekend for you and you li'l ones ^_^

ps. do you think we all -mothers- need ANOTHER 'mother's day'??